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Maaike Plugge (The Netherlands, 1999) is an artist and illustrator, who works with her intuition and through experimentation. In her art she explores the inner self and the world in which it resides. She likes to take a poetic approach, but also loves to play around a bit with a comical approach. Besides the story the image tells, she also experiments with the different kinds of materials and textures, to see how they react and compliment each other. Whether it be with paint, pencil, ceramics or whatever else she can get her hands on. She bases the composition, colors and the whole look of the work in general on her intuition. A work isn't finished, until it feels finished. The most important thing in her process is to take a playful approach and therefore to not be afraid to take risks. Sometimes she even throws herself in the deep, not knowing what she'll be making or doing next. Her work thrives on these spontaneous decisions. 


Maaike Plugge

Exhibitions & events


2023 Blauwdruck - Museumnacht

2023 Het Langhuis - OPEN SPACE (group exhibition) 

2022-2023 Drawing Centre Diepenheim - Drawing Zines (group exhibition) 

2022 ArtEZ University of the Arts - ArtEZ Finals (group exhibition)

2019 NieuweVide - The World of K (group exhibition)

Projects, commissions & other


2023 Lege Stoelen - poster

2021 Moaning Chior, WORM - Perfomance

2021 Tiem - Mural painting (together with Pien)

2021 Winterlab, ArtEZ University of the Arts - poster

2020 Poëzie Project Zwolle, Municipality of Zwolle - Grijpen naar geluk


2018 - 2022 Illustration Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts

2015 - 2018 Interior Design, Alfa-College


2022 De Groene Amsterdammer

2021 Studio Ski

2021 Giving art courses at Zorgspectrum Het Zand (together with Madeleine Ward)

2021 Assisting with art activities at IJsselheem 

2021 De Groene Amsterdammer

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